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Brad W. Rudover was born into a family recycling business and spent much of his childhood in or around a scrap yard. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Small Business Management from Ferris State University and a Master of Business Administration from Western Washington University. With his combination of formal and informal education (lessons from an entrepreneur Father, management positions in small businesses and large corporations, along with several entrepreneurial ventures of his own – Detroit Scrap, Scrap University, Scrap University Kids), Brad has a deep understanding of business. Despite this accumulation of traditional business training, Brad conducts business with gratitude and generosity.


From Kingston, Jamaica, Delroy Griffiths learned at a young age from his Grandmother & Mother to treat everyone as a brother or sister. Share what you have because even though you may not think you have much, there are others that have much less. Delroy shares the philosophy of Walk Good with a focus on helping others and providing the most value possible to the customer.


Vintage Cupid Illustration

Gregory Newton Brown is a developmental book editor who has worked with several New York Times-bestselling authors, international best-selling authors, and Amazon.com best-selling authors through his company, Yellow Barn Creative. Additionally, he is an award-winning author himself. He lives in Maine with his family and many dogs and can be found online at www.yellowbarncreative.com.